Weakness = Strength?

”Stylistically speaking, the superhero story is about the struggle between good and evil, either on the external front (as when the hero defeats a criminal organization) or in the interior (which is when the hero overcomes his own weaknesses).”

So I guess a good start is to start finding out my own weaknesses. And work on them…

That means I have to accept (that I have) them and deal with them constructively.

A wise person, a super hero in my life, Agneta Jörbeck, said that a good leader is he who knows her/himself well and understand her/his own emotions. It’s easy to see others’ shortcomings …

But to be constructive in supporting them in the right way, you havet o take a deep breath and dare to dive deep within yourself

I now begin the list of my weaknesses. And I now take a deep breath and invite you to help me fill in the gaps… Note that the rules (now created) are that you are only allowed to tell me my weakness if you also at the same time give me a good tip on how I can overcome my weakness or learn from it!