Ladies’ detective agency

Late nights, when the children have fallen asleep and the calm begins to fall over the house, or at least should (…) we sometimes squeeze up in the sofa to escape into a movie.
And what could then be better than watching a movie about a hero with a BIG heart! Now we’ve seen all seven parts. A bit sad that we’ve seen them all, but I highly recommend them and here we have a true role model in the struggle to become a hero!

A true mother is sacrificing?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in Sweden. We sat on our terrace in the evening sun, had barbeque and socialized, family and friends – heroes actually! We mixed languages ​​and being deeply serious and being very silly.

We talked about the coming week and my mother offered to take over an important mission that I found it hard to squeeze into my schedule.

I praised her and said: Oh what you are nice.

She said: No it is not kindness, it is sacrificing!

Haha, I have a wonderful mother!


I like the french word “formation” when learning something new. I am convinced we are all formed by the people around us, by life, and what we meet along the way. So each course we take, school, and other gatherings are really forming us.

This week I will go to a two-day course about Pulse analysis.

Pulse analysis is a tool that provides a better understanding of what drives and motivates each person.

So today I started by doing the test my self. Tomorrow I will get the feedback. I am really looking forward to it!  I am sure it will help me in my struggle to become an action hero!

So no low expectations ;-)

I will keep you posted!

Count On Me

I went to Whitney Houston concert with a friend a couple of years ago. She was quite different from the “Body Guard-Whitney” but some how more real and she shared a new view. About the blessing that in life it is never to late to make a new start, to rebuild relations, to heal. I was happy about that concert, and happy every time I talk about it. Mostly because of what she said.

I hope her message to us during that concert also was what she carried with her even her last day, and I hope she had people around her to sing her song to her:

Count on me through thick and thin
A friendship that will never end
When you are weak, I will be strong
Helping you to carry on
Call on me, I will be there
Don’t be afraid
Please believe me when I say
Count on….

I can see it’s hurting you
I can feel your pain
It’s hard to see the sunshine through the rain oh
I know sometimes it seems as if it’s never gonna end
But you’ll get through it
just don’t give in

Count on me through thick and thin
A friendship that will never end
When you are weak I will be strong
Helping you to carry on
Call on me I will be there
Don’t be afraid
Please believe me when I say (Please believe me when I say)
Count on….
(You can count on me, oh yes you can, ahhh)

I know sometimes it seems as if
we’re standing all alone
But we’ll get through cause love wouldnt let us fall

Count on me through thick and thin (…count on me…I’ll be there)
A friendship that would never end (Friendship that… will never end)
When you are weak (You are weak)I will be strong (I’ll be strong)
Helping you to carry on (Helping you…carry on)
Call on me I will be there
Don’t be afraid
Please believe me when I say count on
(Please believe me when I say)
(Count on )

There’s a place inside of all of us
Where our faith in love begins
You should reach to find the truth in love
The answers there within, ohhhh
I know that life can make you feel
It’s much harder than it really is
But we’ll get through it (we’ll get through it)
Just (just) don’t (don’t) give in…

Count on me through thick and thin (count on me)
A friendship that would never end (It will never end)
When you are weak (You)
I will be strong (I’ll be strong…)
Helping you to carry on
Call on me I will be there (call on me…i’ll be there)
Don’t be afraid (Don’t… be afraid now)
Please believe me when I say
Count on
Count on
Count on
Count on
Count on
Count on
Count on me…
Ohh yes you can, I know I can, sure I can, so glad I can, so glad I can, Count on me

To be a hero you must be able to sing this song – or at least say it if you don’t have the singing voice of Whitney Houston!

Goat = Hero?

If we look at the term “hero”, it actually sounds right to be Dragon. I am a dragon with the element fire: passion, ardor, enthusiasm, and spontaneity. My husband has the horoscope goat. Goat certainly doesn’t sound like a hero. (I happen to sit and smile ..!) Goat with the element earth: solidity, practicality, and responsibility.
But if we look at this a little bit closer, we get to the main point of this blog. The surface that might be very “hero-like”, might not be that strong after a little scraping….. Now I am not suggesting that it is possible to scratch my surface of … (!) But it is true that we in life come across one or another person who at first glance seem to have all those strengths. And when life goes on thing pops up when the person instead seems very weak and desperate to keep up the image.
This might be when people in absurdity does not dare to try new things, are afraid to make fools of themselves and so on.
And in that light my Goat is clearly the Hero! A shoulder to rest on, strong arms to lift you, a super-hero who stands firmly in both sun and rain. Spectacular! Patient! So patient and calm that everything will turn out well even in the most difficult situations. And who also knows how to bring flavor to life! And what is more heroic than being able to keep calm and to overcome the storms and make life bright and happy!
My Goat is absolutely one of the bravest, most caring and most hero-like persons I have ever met!

I am a dragon.

This morning my children discussed Chinese horoscope. I am a Dragon. So now I just had to google on what I have to live up to …:

”Dragons are proud, direct, and loaded with high ideals which they always try to live up to. They are trying to live their life grand. When a dragon does something, good or bad, you can be sure that it won’t remain unseen. Dragons creates news.
It is almost impossible to win an argument against a dragon.

Dragons are very loyal to his friends and his family. When they need the dragon’s help, it will be there. Dragons are not sentimental or romantic – they simply assume that everyone loves them. It is difficult for them to hide their feelings, they do not even try.
Dragons speak from their heart and is always sincere. Their manners may seem brusque and direct but they are simply trying to get things done. Dragons need a purpose in life, something to fight for, a goal to achieve. Dragons think they are very strong. Dragons can do many things: They may be artists, politicians, doctors. When a dragon, choose the right career, they will be successful. They can not help that they are winners!”

Well that sounds nice ;-)

Eco Heroes and Eco Bandits

At my children’s preschool they talked environmental issues and eco-heroes. Eco Heroes and Eco Bandits. Eco Heroes are those who will do anything to save our nature and Eco Bandits are destroying the environment.

We are probably a little bit of both I’m afraid. We try to buy as much organic as we can, we try to sort our garbage and recycle, use public transport and so on. But unfortunately there is still much we ought to do …. much to learn.

Today I am at Miljöstegen, a company that helps our organization Yennenga Progression to present our environmental work and have a clear strategy forward.

I am here at the first training day to get started and hopefully becoming a little less Eco Bandit and a little more Eco-Hero!


My son, like many other children of this age in their school, plays with Pokemon cards. These cute little creatures are far from nice, I learned.

My son told me cheerfully about how strong each pokemon were and how much damage they could cause.

Due to my occupation (and social education?) it turns my stomach that such evil damage would be regarded as something positive.

So the discussion that followed took note that it is actually quite easy to damage. Do harm. However, what is heroic and very hard is to do things correct, save and heal.

It’s easy to throw a stone. Harder to catch it.

It is easy to say something nasty. Harder to get someone who is sad to feel happy again.

It’s easy to mess up. More difficult to clean.

Bottom line: It is more difficult to save than to harm. Pretto, but true! The true hero is the one who put things right, rescues and cares for all life and spreads joy.