My five year daughter has had a very strong phobia of mascots. Those big stuffed animal with a person inside. They are not completely safe as it is difficult to know the boundaries between play and reality.

Is there really a human inside, or is it really a living teddy bear ….?

Meeting those mascots she has always totally panicked. Thrown herself into my arms completely terrified, the whole body tense. And we were all without any luck if we tried to reason logically with her.

Then came the big day. The show by her dance class. The dans club mascot was there. The same who ones came to the class but had to go because my daughter refused to stay in the room …

After the show she wanted to say Hi to the mascot together with me.

In the end, she hugged it five times and wanted to take one home!

Overcoming ones worst fears, to face our fear – that must be true heroism!