Uppdrag FRED i Kongo

Jag ska göra get – och jag hoppas att du också gör get! Läs and take action tillsammans med Raise Hope for Congo!

Last week I had some friends over to watch the presidential debate on foreign policy hoping the candidates would mention the crisis in eastern Congo, but it never came up!

The conflict in eastern Congo is the deadliest war in the world, the presence of a new rebel group has brought a new wave of violence and instability to the region, and recent U.S. regulations are under threat of a lawsuit. The United States has an important role to play in helping move eastern Congo from war to peace.

We need to make peace in Congo a priority for the presidential candidates. And that’s exactly what we’re setting out to do.

Robin and Emmanuelle vote for Congo
Show President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney that no matter who is elected, prioritizing Congo matters to you.

  1. Take a photo of yourself holding up a sign that says: “I’m voting for Congo.”
  2. Upload your photo to Facebook and tag CFCI’s Facebook page. Tweet your photo with the hashtag #Vote4Congo. Upload your photo to Tumblr and tag #Vote4Congo. Or, Instagram your photo and tag #Vote4Congo.


We’ll collect all #Vote4Congo photos posted to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram and post them to our own very own Instagram account. Don’t worry if you don’t have Instagram, we’ll do it for you!

University students from across the world have already begun voting for Congo.

After the election, we’ll print all of your photos out, and deliver the first-ever Instagram petition to the next president.


JD Stier
Raise Hope for Congo Campaign Manager
Enough Project