Human obligations?

Today I ended up in a conversation about what it means to be a good role model. The person I talked to found it limiting to say that one should be a good role model. This because you will end up having a lot of demands on yourself with everybody else’s definition of what it is being a good role model.

I don’t think you need to make it so complicated. Sure, there will always be the fact that different people find different things important. Some one might think the most important thing is to travel with public transporting. Some might think it is important to volunteer working with young people. Someone think it is important not to drink alcohol, etc., etc.. And you might not find the issue of alcohol important or interesting, you may have no skills or interest working with young people and so on.

We are all role models whether we want it or not. So we better try to be good ones! I do believe that there are some basic things that are good to begin with. To be more specific: not violating someone else’s human rights. It is an issue big enough …

It is quite easy to talk about our rights… but if we talk about rights we have to talk about obligations! May be that is even more important? Obligations not to violate others rights…
So I have to do my best to think of the role I actually have in society whether I want it or not… After that it’s up to me to choose a topic that suits me, and  try to specialize! When I have formulated in my head how I can be a good role model and for whom, I can formulate the”public” goal and focus on a concrete plan!
It is huge and hard! And I am sure I will  again and again, but I do believe it is my duty to try and to try again.

Your conviction will lead you – and me mine! - And the journey of life and the people we meet along the way will help us modify and develop to be able to become a better role model every day!