About me

Me and my dream of becoming an action hero!

This blog is about finding out what it is to be an action hero and how to become one. After having studied sites, literature and talking to people, I understand that it takes hard work and dedication to come even close.

I am glad you want to follow me in my struggle! And I would love to get your feedback, input and ideas!

If to start defining my self by activity I am a social entrepreneur, self-employed, ambassador of fair trade, and has worked with a little of this and a little of that! I have started a mango drying plant in Burkina Faso, worked with gender issues at the UN in Rome, lived in a monastery, started an art store with mostly African art and after that a concept store for fair trade, and I am now trying to focus on the international network Yennenga Progress, for people, companies and organizations wanting to collaborate for a positive social development around the world.

The world is complex, with huge potential!

I do my best to let my two children experience the fantastic diversity of the world, to enable them to meet interesting people in our neighborhood or across the world, peolpe contributing to making life great to live – HEROES!

I am convinced that we all, with shared commitment and responsibility, are able to create the society we want to live in. I believe in equality and diversity in order to take advantage of innovation and human resources. Our society needs innovation and creativity! Life is supposed to be great! We must dare to challenge the structures we live in (if they are not doing us well). Above all, we must encourage the positive initiatives we see around us! We must identify the Heroes and do what we can to support them!

Live your dream, share it with me and others around you – and let us create together!

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. I saw your comment on Congo and was interested to know more about you till get to your blog. your encouring and look forward one day to chat and discuss future social justice engagement in africa.

  2. I am so glad to read all of your work Dear Stina. My names are Arsene LWABANDJI,son of Maman Esther Munyerenkana, the social assistnat at PAnzi Hospital. I have heard a lot about you… Most ofthe works told by our mum and mostly your kindness… Really appreciate about that!

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